International Applicants 


World University of Bangladesh welcomes international students to study Bachelors and Masters in the areas of science, engineering, business and arts. WUB fosters to create a diverse culture of students in dynamic academic engagements. The WUB offers learning opportunities both in and outside of the classroom which makes ideal place for international students to pursue higher education.

Programs of Study:
WUB offers the following programs from its 3 faculties-

Why study at WUB?:
At WUB, we highly value the diversity and continue to foster international and multicultural understanding. The university offers various co-curricular activities such as cultural clubs, sports facilities, additional lectures, cultural festivals and events in order to enjoy university life. We expect that you take full benefits from the university and engage with the university life. Furthermore, the university provides a supportive environment to make your transition at WUB and Bangladesh easy and relaxed. Please note that our faculty and staff members are here to help you and therefore you should not hesitate to seek any type of support. The university has a International Student services team who can provide information about life at the university and about making your preparations before you arrive. The International Office is one stop service for all international students in case of any problem whatsoever during their stay at the university. We wish your best luck pursuing higher education in overseas country and we hope to welcome you to the university in the near future!

WUB Special Scholarship Summary

Please click below Tuition Fees and Scholarship button for see details Special Scholarship Summary.

Payable during Admission:
Admission fees-$266 + English Language Course Fees-$36.0 + Admission form fees-$12 + Library & Id Card fees-$9.00 [Total: $.323]
Admission fees-$296 + English Language Course Fees-$36.0 + Admission form fees-$12 + Library & Id Card fees-$9.00 [Total: $.353]


  1. All the fees are in US Dollar ($)
  2. Conversion Rate 1 USD ($)=84.50 BDT

How to Apply?
You should apply for a scholarship once you have applied for admission and successfully been offered a place on the program you wish to study.

The proceedings commence with all basic information regarding the admission are stated below:

  1. Choose the Course of Study of Your Interest: Please choose from
  2. Eligibility: To be considered for admission to WUB, international the applicants must finish secondary Please check your eligibility at
  3. Application Process: Please check which provides details of the procedure for admission
  4. Once you have gone through this process, please file an application via
  5. Living Expenses: At present hostel/accommodation facilities for male/female students are available at World University of Bangladesh. Students will have to stay in the flat/accommodation provided by the university. Please check  your living accommodation at
  6. Admission Contact: Please Visit us: