International Applicants 

WUB will help the newly admitted students in finding off-campus housing close to the campus. But, to avail that service, the student will have to pay the Housing Rent and necessary Housing Deposit Fee at least one month before their arrival at Bangladesh for the whole one year in advance. Many students live with other students and share expenses. Students accompanied by their spouses will find the cost of housing to be substantially higher. In order to consider for housing, please fill-in the following application form

Living Expenses

Tentative Costs of Living in Bangladesh

Books and Supplies ($) Living (Shared Flat) ($) Food ($) Transportation ($) Health / Miscellaneous ($) Personal Expenses ($) Total Average Estimated Costs ($)
50 700 500 250 100 150 1,750

The above yearly Living Costs reflect the minimum expenditures for a single student in Bangladesh. Living Cost may vary according to the student’s personal lifestyle.