Our Students Scholarship

Last year we offered a scholarship Tk. 39,88,09,084 (equivalent to £3445787.22). Thus scholarship was offered to both undergraduate and graduate students of the University.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and mostly from economically challenged backgrounds. Most students fall in the income bracket of roughly 600,000 per annum.


Since this is an open scholarship, candidates who only seek admission in Summer 2024 at any undergraduate programmes of the University are only eligible for this award.

Tuition Fee Waiver

The Merit Awards Scholarship is open only for Bangladeshi Students. It provides a waiver of 50-100% of the total tuition fees.

Criteria for Maintenance of the Funding

Students should be a continuous candidate in study. Failures in any exams may require candidates for a retake. Dropouts are no more eligible for this award and will have to re-enrol and undertake studies under new or existing fee structure. Details of the cost that the student have to pay on receiving this swill their courses are provided here.

In exceptional cases of illness only, the Administration of the University can still consider dropouts, but will be at utmost discretion of the Administration of the University.

Programs eligible for such Scholarship

All programs are eligible for such scholarships except Bachelor of Education, joint degree programmes with other universities, and post-graduate programmes.

How to Apply?

You should apply for a scholarship once you have applied for admission and successfully been offered a place on the program you wish to.


The award is open for all Bangladeshi students in the academic year Fall-2022. The scholarship programme aims to support brilliant students who got both golden 5 in or equivalent in any pre university qualifications.

Criteria for the Scholarship

  1. Students must maintain CGPA 3.75 in all preceding semester otherwise the waiver will be cancelled.
  2. Students must not drop any semester and should undertake a minimum of 12 credits in each semester.
  3. The Waivers are subject to good conduct and satisfactory class attendance of the student. Less than 70% class attendance in the any semester will lead to cancellation of the Waiver.
  4. Waiver will be cancelled for any discontinuation/interruption of study, delinquency and disciplinary actions at WUB.
  5. Waivers will not be tenable to the students who appear in repeat/retake in previous semester or who fails in a semester.
  6. Waivers will be discontinued if a recipient withdraws or drops a semester, whatever may the case.

How to Apply?

To apply for the award, aspirants need to take admissions at the university, and then they will be considered automatically for the studentship.


Free education for sons and daughters of freedom fighters.

Tuition Fee Waiver

Up to 100%

How to Apply?

Documents to be submitted for availing Financial Aid under this category are as under:

  1. Application (addressing to the Registrar)
  2. Photo (Two copies of applicant).
  3. Freedom Fighter’s Certificate.
  4. Gazette Notification.
  5. Birth Certificate of the applicant.
  6. National ID Card of the Freedom Fighter.