Freedom Fighter Scholarship

As a mark of respect to the valiant freedom fighters of the Bangladesh War of Liberation and Independence of 1971, the University reserves 3% admission quota for only wards of freedom fighters of all categories, subject to their fulfilments of the minimum admission requirements at the World University of Bangladesh.

How to apply for this Scholarship?
An application addressing to the Registrar, World University of Bangladesh should be made by the applicant requesting financial aid as being a ward of a freedom fighter. Along with the paper application, the candidate must also fill-in the prescribed application for admission of the University, include two photos of the applicant as well as the respective freedom fighter (if available),andalso submit the freedom fighter’s certificate issued by the Ministry of Liberation War of Bangladesh. The Gazette Notification, National ID Card of the Freedom Fighter (if available), and the Birth Certificate of the applicant should also be included.

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  1. Up to 3% students enrolled in a year will get the waiver under this category as per the circulation of UGC
  2. The Tuition Fee waiver as above will then be continued provided that the CGPA in each semester remains 2.70 or more.